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Smithson Builders, Inc. is capable of meeting your architectural needs on any office or retail building project, regardless the architectural demands. By utilizing the "Design Build Approach", Smithson Builders can provide the architectural/engineering design and drawings for a project in a fraction of the time and the money typically needed for conventional projects.

Berry College has been very pleased with the projects that Smithson Builders has completed in the past, and will be glad to serve as a reference. As far as my history goes, the Campbell School of Business (Green Hall) 27,250 sq ft, renovated in 1998, has been a huge success. We touched up the paint last summer ('03) for the first time. It is pretty amazing that hallway paint in a college classroom building would last 5 years, and then only need a touch up.

The Martha Berry Museum must have been done in 1999, I was not at physical plant at that time, and don't have the square footage. We do the maintenance there, and never have any problems with the building.

The Alumni Center is the most recent job, approx 16,000 square feet, a renovation at the historic Ford Buildings. Begun in summer '02 and opening in January '03, it is Berry's best showcase for high level meetings and lunches with high level people, like board members and potential donors. The job was a huge success, completed within budget, and more importantly at a college, on time. We have had major problems with other contractors completing projects on time, and at a college you have a window to start and a window of completion, and a late completion has major scheduling complications.

All three projects were completed on time, and within budget, without the usual requests for change orders.

We are pleased with Smithson Builders and you guys are our choice of contractors in the Rome area.

Mark Hopkins
Director - Physical Plant
Berry College

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